Digital Product School

How to create a digital product from scratch.

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Douglas BarnardDouglas Barnard
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Digital Product School

This Course includes:

Course time duration is about 30 hour(s)
10 Course unit(s)


Welcome to our 'Digital Product School' – where creativity meets innovation!  Embark on an exciting journey of learning, as we guide you through the art of creating digital products from scratch. From the spark of an idea to the full-fledged digital experience, join us in unraveling the secrets of product development.  Let's turn your dreams into digital realities together!

You will learn

Foundational Knowledge:

Understand the fundamentals of creating digital products from scratch.

Ideation Mastery:

Learn effective techniques for generating and refining innovative ideas.

User-Centric Design:

Explore the principles of user-centric design to enhance the overall user experience.

Problem-Solving Skills:

Develop problem-solving skills crucial for overcoming challenges during product development.

Agile Methodologies:

Understand how Agile methodologies can be applied to streamline the development lifecycle.

Prototyping and Testing Techniques:

Master prototyping and testing techniques to validate and refine your digital product.

Industry Insights:

Gain insights into industry best practices and stay updated on the latest trends in digital product development.

Inspiration for Innovation:

Fuel your creativity and innovation with real-world examples and success stories.

DetailsThis Course has 10 unit(s)Total 30 hour(s)


Douglas Barnard
Douglas Barnard
CEO/ Founder Perfectly Imperfect Digital


MBA, CPM, CMgr, MACS Snr CP, IP3P, SAFe® 6 SPC, POPM, and DevOps

An Agile-minded Digital Executive Officer with over 20 years of senior leadership experience in information technology, highly regarded for driving strategic digital software product development and go-to-market initiatives.

A global business leader with the capacity to manage expansive product portfolios, serve diverse client needs, and generate record-breaking ROI. Experienced in setting a clear vision and overseeing the entire digital software product development lifecycle.

Cross-functional and global cross-cultural expertise in SDLC, human capital management, and digital platform solutions (SaaS), incl. eCommerce, software implementation, integration, and support.


Digital Product School

This Course includes:

Course time duration is about 30 hour(s)
10 Course unit(s)